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10 Nov 2020

How music is used in sports production

A cornerstone of Epic Music LA is music for televised sports, programs, events, and games. It is one of our great strengths and in many ways is arguably a significant part of EPIC’s identity. EPIC began its journey to become the leader in sport music when Jerry Davis joined the team. Jerry, the former head of FOX Sports Music, a position he held for 16 years, was one of EPIC’s original and pivotal hires.


With Jerry Davis as part of the EPIC team, EPIC established a large network of close-knit relationships and cultivated a deep expertise within the niche discipline of televised sports. Over time, EPIC has cultivated its passion and understanding of the many nuanced sports music styles and was an early pioneer for expanding the hybrid orchestral/hip-hop sound commonly heard throughout the landscape of numerous sports outlets. EPIC has become an industry leader in the sports music space and is well-known for being the go-to for top-quality, stand-out sports music across many styles, including orchestral/hip-hop.  


EPIC’s roster of highly-talented sports composers is extensive and covers the globe, this included our two in-house sports music specialists, Dan Yukhananov and Jeremy Bryan. Additionally, EPIC is proud to represent, the award-winning writer and composer, Gina Brigida, the most successful and prolific female sports composer in cable and broadcast sports television history. Her compositions have aired in numerous broadcasts for over a decade ranging from the Super Bowl to the World Series, MLB All-Star Game, BCS Championship, the Cotton Bowl, NASCAR, Daytona 500, NBA, and the list goes on.


The EPIC leadership, sports catalog, creative staff, composers, and repertoire arguably have no competition in sports music production. EPIC provides music that is broadcast friendly, robust, and in general the highest-quality, trending sports music that is available among production music libraries.  Clients include Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Sky Sports UK, NASCAR, Fox Sports, ESPN, PBC Fight Camp, NFL, World Series, and the International Olympics to name a few.