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Frequently Asked Questions

A production music library, also known as a music library or production music, is a collection of pre-recorded music tracks and compositions that are licensed for use in various media projects, such as films, television shows, commercials, video games, and other forms of multimedia content. These libraries contain a wide variety of music styles and genres, making it easy for content creators to find the right piece of music to enhance their projects.

Epic Music LA is a production music library whose sole promise is to help content creators with the best suitable music library for their content that not only supports but also enhances the engagement factor of the content.

Using a production music library offers several benefits for content creators, filmmakers, and media professionals. Production music libraries provide a readily available and organized collection of music, making it easy to find the right track for your project without the need to create original music or search extensively for existing music.

Licensing music from a production music library is often more budget-friendly than commissioning original compositions or obtaining rights to popular commercial tracks. This can be especially important for independent filmmakers and small production companies.

Production music is pre-cleared for licensing, meaning you can use it legally without worrying about copyright infringement. The licensing terms are clear, making it a hassle-free option.

These libraries offer a wide range of music styles, genres, and moods, ensuring that you can find the perfect track to fit your project's needs, whether it's a corporate video, documentary, commercial, or film. Many production music tracks are available in various lengths and arrangements, allowing you to tailor the music to your project's specific timing and editing requirements.

Production music libraries like us are valuable resources for professionals in the media and entertainment industry. We offer a practical and cost-effective solution for enhancing content with high-quality music that matches the project's needs, while ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind. You don't need to worry about tracking down composers, negotiating fees, or dealing with complex licensing agreements. The library takes care of these administrative tasks.

Many people wonder how music production library works. Well this will you everyone a better idea about what music licensing companies do.

  • Licensing: Production music libraries provide music that can be licensed for specific uses, often on a per-project or per-use basis. This allows content creators to legally use the music in their productions without the need to commission original compositions or navigate complex copyright issues.
  • Diverse Catalog: These libraries typically offer a vast catalog of music, encompassing a wide range of musical genres and styles. This diversity ensures that there is music suitable for different moods, themes, and atmospheres.
  • Accessibility: Music libraries make it easy for content creators to search and access the music they need. They often provide online platforms where users can browse, search, and audition tracks before making a licensing decision.
  • Customization: Many production music libraries offer tracks in various lengths and arrangements, making it convenient to find music that fits the specific timing and editing needs of a project.
  • High-Quality Production: The music in these libraries is professionally produced and recorded to meet industry standards. This ensures that the music will sound polished and fit well within the production.
  • Licensing Flexibility: Licensing terms can vary, allowing content creators to choose the most appropriate license for their specific project. These licenses may cover different rights, durations, and distribution methods.
  • Cost-Effective: Using music from a production music library is often more cost-effective than commissioning original music or using popular commercial tracks, which can be expensive due to licensing fees and copyright restrictions.
  • Cue Sheets: In some cases, content creators may need to submit cue sheets to music performing rights organizations to ensure that the composers and performers receive appropriate royalties when the music is used in broadcasts or public performances.

Production music libraries are valuable resources for content creators, as they offer a convenient and legal way to enhance their projects with high-quality music that fits their creative needs and budget constraints.

Music is essential in every possible content that you can find. Starting from any television commercial to movies, reality shows, or even social media ads, music plays a vital role in holding on to the view. At Epic Music LA, you will find music for almost any sort of content. Here are some popular programs music that you will find at our music production.

  • News music- News channels have music that they need as an intro and outro to trademark their brand and standout from other news agencies. If you are planning to get an unique music for your news platform, we are there to provide you with it.
  • DRTV music- Our DRTV music will help you provide a stronger and powerful message that will help with the product presentation. This music is in sync with the product that you are showcasing to get the best response from the customer or viewers end.
  • Infomercial music- Infomercials are currently the most watched and attention grabbing advertisement that grabs the viewer’s attention. What makes infomercials more interesting is the music that perfectly sings along with the message. Epic Music LA can help you get that music.
  • Sports music library- Sports is the greatest entertainment on earth. And the entertainment increases with the support of the perfect music. You will find our sports music library to be very much enhancing.
  • Other types of production music- apart from the mentioned above segments, Epic Music LA will help you get your music for any other type of contents that you seek.

Licensing production music involves obtaining the legal rights to use specific music tracks in your projects. Here are the steps to license production music:

Identify the Music You Need:

Determine the style, mood, and tempo of the music that best suits your project. You can search for suitable tracks in production music libraries, online music licensing platforms, or by working with a music supervisor.

Find a Music Licensing Source:

There are various sources where you can license production music. These include production music libraries, online music licensing platforms, and individual composers or music producers. Choose a source that best fits your needs.

Browse and Audition Tracks:

Once you've chosen a source, browse their catalog to find music tracks that match your project's requirements. Most platforms offer tools for searching, previewing, and auditioning tracks.

Review Licensing Options:

Production music libraries typically offer different licensing options. These may include various types of licenses, such as synchronization licenses (for audiovisual use) or performance licenses (for public performances). Carefully read the terms and conditions for each license to ensure it aligns with your project's needs.

Select the Appropriate License:

Choose the license that best suits your project. This may depend on factors like the type of media, distribution, duration, and purpose of your project. Ensure that you fully understand the scope of the license you're obtaining.

Contact the Licensing Source:

If you're using a production music library or online platform, there's usually a process to select and purchase the desired license directly from the source. This may involve adding tracks to your cart, specifying the usage details, and making a payment.

Provide Project Details:

Some licensing sources may request information about your project, such as the title, description, release date, and distribution channels. This helps them track the use of their music and ensures compliance with licensing terms.

Make Payment:

Pay the licensing fee as specified by the licensing source. The cost can vary based on the track, its usage, and the licensing options you've chosen.

Obtain Licensing Documentation:

Once you've completed the licensing process and payment, you should receive documentation that confirms your licensing rights. This may include a licensing agreement, invoice, or a digital certificate.

Use the Music as Per the License:

Adhere to the terms of the license you've obtained. This typically includes using the music within the agreed-upon scope, not exceeding the usage limits, and providing any required attribution or reporting.

Keep Records:

Maintain records of your licensing agreements, payment receipts, and any other documentation related to the music used in your project. This is important for potential future inquiries or audits.

Monitor Usage:

Keep track of how and where the licensed music is used in your project, especially for audiovisual works. This is crucial for compliance and potential reporting to PROs or other entities.

Here are some tips that you can follow to use your production music effectively

  • Choose the right music for your project- Start thinking about the music early in your project planning process. Consider how music can support your content's mood, message, and pacing. Select music that aligns with the mood and tone of your content. For example, use upbeat and energetic tracks for a lively product promo or soothing, ambient music for a relaxing video.
  • Use music sparingly- Use that music in a manner that it delivers the best message with the right music to ensure better connection with the audience.
  • Edit the music to fit your project- Most production music tracks are available in various lengths and arrangements. Choose a track that you can easily edit to fit your project's duration and structure. In this way you can get your desired effective music for your project.
  • Clear the rights to the music you use- Always adhere to the licensing terms provided by the production music library. Ensure you have the appropriate rights for your usage and comply with any attribution or reporting requirements.

The future of production music promises an exciting evolution in response to dynamic changes in the music and media landscapes. Digital distribution and streaming platforms will continue to play a pivotal role, offering seamless access to vast libraries of diverse music.

Customization and personalization will become increasingly important, allowing content creators to fine-tune tracks to match the unique needs of their projects. AI-generated music is poised to make a significant impact, providing cost-effective and versatile compositions for various applications.

Meanwhile, block chain technology is likely to enhance copyright management and ensure fair compensation for composers. The collaborative nature of music production is expected to expand globally, fostering a rich tapestry of musical styles.

As sustainability gains traction, environmentally conscious practices may find their way into music creation and licensing, reflecting the industry's commitment to the planet.

The importance of using high-quality production music cannot be overstated in the world of media and content creation. Such music not only enhances the overall production value but also plays a crucial role in conveying the intended message and emotions to the audience.

High-quality production music is professionally composed, recorded, and produced, ensuring its suitability for a wide range of projects. It seamlessly integrates with the visuals, helping to establish the right atmosphere and mood, be it in a film, advertisement, video game, or corporate presentation.

Moreover, it can set a project apart by making it more engaging and memorable. In essence, choosing high-quality production music is a mark of professionalism and can significantly impact the success and impact of your creative endeavors.

At Epic Music LA you will find the best stock music that will enhance your content. Choose your desired licensed music from our top music libraries and be the owner of that music. From news music to infomercial music or DRTV music, we have it all covered just for you. We can assure you that you will find the best quality production music compared to other music licensing companies. If you want the best quality content enhancing music for your content, then wait no more and contact us today for your production music.